I feel twitchy

by Meg

The artist behind the madness. I'm more than just a little crazy but more fun than a barrel of monkeys. This is actually what I look like, how I dress, and what I act like. I'm not making this up, I swear.
His name isn't really L but that's how everyone knows him. Probably because everytime I run into him he's always cosplaying as L from DEATHNOTE. He's a close "con-buddy" and one of the most interesting people you'll ever meet.
She's Stewart's older sister and one of my best friends. She's part of the group of girls that I've been friends with since middleschool called "Teh Narwhals". Just for the record neither one of us is gay and we're certainly not dating each other.
Another one of my close friends. She's one of the most outgoing memebers of "Teh Narwhals". This is the genius that came up with "Satan Baby" (soon to be appearing)
Michelle's younger brother and my closest friend from school. He's so emo that sometimes I'm suprised that he can still function but we love him anyway. (After reading this he'll probably do his little emo stomp and cry about how he's not emo. J.K.)
Close friend and crazy twitching guy. In most of the panels where I'm talking on the phone to someone it's him.
She's been my best friend since second grade and the funniest person I know. She doesn't show up much in the comics but usually she's behind some of the craziness. I actually got a message from her telling me that she wanted to be in the character page or else something bad would happen.
Despite all the speculation he is not my twin or the male version or me. He's my ex boyfriend which means comics featuring him may or may not disappear soon. You can tell the difference between us in the comic and in real life by the streaks in our hair. I have three green streaks he just has one.
One of the weirdos I've met in college so far. He's crazy and lives off of french fries.
Scotty aka Coffee Goth
Yes people he really exists and makes the best mocha I've ever had. Now he is one of the people that I'm closest to so I don't have to draw him when he's not looking anymore. We became friends when I gave him printouts of all the pictures I've drawn of him.
Blake Currently my best friend at college. He's fun and very friendly. He's also been known to do just about anything for the promise of food.
Austin I pierced his ears and asked him out for coffee the rest is history. He's fun, flirty and one of my favorite people to hangout with. Yes, Austin we are the coolest of kids and I'll still treat you to Waho even though you're all famous now.
Dave "Everything he touches turns to catastrophy". He's one of the people closest to me at college... and he killed my computer so blame him for any late updates.

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